New product

XGEV 5 GigE Vision Camera is a family
of cameras with new Sony Pregius
image sensors and NBASE-T™ Ethernet connectivity

Features and Benefits

  • High quality, low noise images
  • Low power consumption
  • Very competitive price and performance
  • Small dimensions
  • Rubber sealed image sensor space
  • Precise image sensor alignment
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Lockable I/O connectors

APCU3 x86 processing unit
is compact PC USB3 Vision
processing system

Features and Benefits

  • Intel Atom E3845 or E3825 at max 1.9GHz
  • 2X USB3 Vision ports
  • CFast SSD Disk
  •  Low power consumption
  • Very competitive price and performance
  • Small dimensions
  • Anodized aluminum housing
  •  Lockable I/O connectors


Schematic & layout design

The first step in the design cycle is the circuit design. It typically consists of sketches drawn on paper or a detailed written description of the schematic. The circuit design is then translated into software like Altium designer.

Enclosure & hardware design

The development of a high-quality industrial design is one of the main stages of electronic devices development. The product’s stylish appearance often provides a key competitive edge and ensures the product’s marketing success.

Device firmware

“Firmware,” generally speaking, refers to the programs that help a device do what it’s supposed to do; it’s the background programming that runs the machine. That’s in contrast with the “software” that we use to do stuff on the machine: games and programs on a computer.

Software design

Let us know what you want the software do and we will create a solution. Design Services leverage our special combination of skills, knowledge, design process, and project management to help you achieve success for your product.

OEM/ODM R&D Services

Our OEM and ODM services cover the complete spectrum of the product life cycle from concept to design through manufacturing and after-market services.


Computer simulation, physical models, hardware development – or a combination of all three – may be used to carefully assess a product’s commercial feasibility before further investment.

Mass production

The manufacture of electronic devices in large quantities, using standardized designs and assembly-line techniques.

Quality assurance

We confirm with a lot of tests which we do the quality assurance. Some of the tests are: electrical and non electrical functions as well as general quality criteria.

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If you have any questions you can contact us or you can also visit us. We are open for everyone. We will help and advise you answering your questions.

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